Join The Movement

We want YOU to be part of our movement! We’re on a mission to rediscover nature while preserving our planet and we’d love your help! If you want to get green fingers without getting your hands dirty, we hear you. That’s why we put together our Recycling Program initiative to make clean beauty that bit easier and give you rewards in the process!

For every six bottles of Maple Holistics products that you recycle, we’ll deliver a free bottle of shampoo or have an equivalent donation made to an environmentally-friendly charity if you’d prefer!

When you recycle your Maple Holistics bottles, not only can you help to benefit your environment and reduce carbon emissions - you'll join a movement of recycling enthusiasts around the world helping to preserve our planet.

Together we can reduce landfill waste one empty shampoo bottle at a time!

Please send photos of your Maple Holistics bottles being recycled to:

Or you can tag us on social media with your photo @mapleholistics!

Please note: Shampoo provided at no cost cannot be returned or exchanged. Only bottled products are accepted in the recycling initiative – other types of packaging do not qualify. In order to recycle bottles properly, please ensure that all excess product has been removed. Additionally, please ensure that bottles are dry prior to recycling.