The Maple Holistics subscription box.
Tired of having to re-order Maple Holistics products when your cupboards have run dry? Sick of worrying about your rapidly diminishing supply of shampoo or essential oil? Looking for a great way to try a variety of Maple Holistics products at a discounted price? We’ve got just the ticket – Maple Holistics is proud to introduce the Maple Holistics subscription box! For just $40 per month and free shipping (you can cancel at any time), Maple Holistics will send you an exclusive bundle which includes a complete array of products to cover your personal care routine. Each month will feature:

1x Shampoo
1x Conditioner
1x Essential Oil
1x Bonus Product

All items are, of course, gentle and cruelty-free as all items will come from our Maple Holistics catalogue. We are currently offering Tea Tree Oil Shampoo, Tea Tree Oil Conditioner, Rosemary Essential Oil + Bonus Product – all for the discounted price of $40 including shipping! Note: The Maple Holistics subscription box is available only for residents of the continental United States.

e-mail for order details.