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10 Ways Tea Tree Oil

Can Help You

Look Better, Younger

& Healthier

10 Ways Our Men’s Rebundance Bundle Can Help You Look Better And Feel More Confident

10 Ways Tea Tree Oil Can Help You Look Better, Younger

& Healthier

How To Harness The Power of Biotin With Our Powerful Rebundance Bundle For Men 

1. Our Rebundance Bundle Prevents Split Ends And Reduces Breakage

The ingredients in this bundle improve the elasticity of hair, preventing it from breaking and becoming brittle.

2. Our Rebundance Bundle Improves Skin Texture And Enhances A Youthful Appearance

This bundle includes a biotin supplement which helps to nourish the skin from the inside out, providing it with a soft, smooth, and supple appearance.

3. Our Rebundance Bundle Allows You To Say Goodbye to Dull Hair

This unique collection is designed for improving your daily and weekly hair care routine, and promoting wellness of scalp and strands.

4. Our Rebundance Bundle is Formulated To Combat Hair Loss and Thinning Hair

The shampoo and conditioner clarify your scalp and cleanse your locks, while the biotin supplement acts as a veritable tonic for the hair.

5. Our Rebundance Bundle Lets You Wear Your Crown (of Hair) With Confidence

Fill out thinner/weaker areas on the crown of your head with Rebundance, and provide old and new follicles with extra protection, courtesy of our Hair Serum.

6. Our Rebundance Bundle Cleans Without Leaving a Greasy Residue

Hair that is cleaner, shinier and altogether gorgeous. Hair that is stronger, longer and thicker - this is the power of Rebundance.

7. Our Rebundance Bundle is The Complete Hair Care Package

Maintain your scalp and hair in the best possible way, daily and weekly, with our special collection of nutrient-rich and hair-friendly products.

8. Our Rebundance Bundle Stops Thinning Hair in Its Tracks

Potent botanical extracts deliver a serious boost of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and hair-friendly fats to your head, alongside a host of other nutrients.

9. Our Rebundance Bundle Promotes Faster Hair Growth

Achieve greater length, fuller hair and higher volume with our Rebundance Bundle for Women.

10. Our Rebundance Bundle Has Helped Thousands of People Reclaim Their Look

Age and genetics play a very big role, but so do proper care and regular maintenance. Level-up your hair care with our Rebundance Bundle.

How Can You Use Our Rebundance Bundle To Enhance Your Routine?

Our Men’s Rebundance Bundle contains fantastic products that can work wonders and be integrated seamlessly into your routine. They’re extremely versatile items, and can be used to address the hair and skin concerns that you may be facing.

Taking our Biotin Supplement is a great way to harness the powerful benefits of vitamin B7. Additionally, our Rebundance Shampoo and Conditioner cleanse, condition and care for dry, damaged or lackluster locks. They provide your hair with volume and nourishment for a truly radiant look.

Our Hair Oil and Hair Serum round out this bundle, for a unique finishing touch and for great hair days. Our naturally-derived ingredients provide you with items that are safe to use and highly effective. Plus, Rebundance Bundle products are sustainably sourced and cruelty-free!

At Maple Holistics we pride ourselves in aligning our products closely with nature and the environment in mind. Our Men’s Rebundance Bundle is no exception! 

Available on our website, our Rebundance Bundle for Men contains all the products you need to completely revitalize your hair and your routine!

Rebundance Shampoo clarifies and cleans your scalp while the conditioner nourishes and moisturizes your strands to encourage that silky-softness! This bundle also contains our veggie-based Biotin Supplement for healthy hair, skin and nails from the inside out. Additionally included is our Hair Serum which provides volume and extra hydration for a fuller appearance, while the lightweight Hair Oil helps combat dryness and dullness.

Our founders, lifelong pals Ben and Motti, grew up together in Cleveland, Ohio. Ben had tried many different products in an attempt to solve his hair loss, scalp redness and itchiness - all brought on by juvenile arthritis. It was a miserable experience at times, and Ben was on the verge of giving up.

Motti learned about the raw power of essential oils and other naturally-derived ingredients, and the duo worked together to create personalized formulas for Ben, and later for friends and family. They found formulas that worked for everyone, and established Maple Holistics as a home for every hair type and concern.

The Maple family has since grown, but our founders always remember their roots. From the early makeshift laboratory in Motti’s family garage, to our state-of-the-art facility in Farmingdale, NJ, Ben and Motti continue working to help every hair, skin and body type with Maple Holistics’ naturally-derived creations.

In addition to being cruelty-free, we also aim to make as many of our products vegan as possible. “First, do no harm” is what we strive for, and we take that motto a step further with our commitment to using solar power. We are purveyors of pure oils from all over the world, and source our ingredients from Australia to India to Brazil, and everywhere in between. 

Our recycling program offers free products to customers who recycle their empty bottles, and we proudly recycle everything that we can. When we learned about how much waste is typically created through product manufacturing, we committed to making recycling one of the foundational pillars of our brand and keeping Maple Holistics as green as possible through recycling and cutting-edge, efficient manufacturing.

What people are saying about us:

“I found the secret to healthy, thick-looking hair all thanks to the Rebundance line!“

Jake, Austin

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All Maple Holistics products are tailor made for environmentally-conscious consumers

We understand that we have a serious obligation and great responsibility on our shoulders, not just towards our customers but also towards that blue-green marble we call Earth. 

What we do today echoes and sends ripples way into the future, setting the tone for our shared tomorrow. That’s why we’re interested in creating higher standards, promoting cleaner beauty and advancing greener modes of living.

Real Ingredients. Real Results.

At Maple Holistics we use real ingredients for real results. That means we include nourishing, plant-derived ingredients in our products to deliver the highest quality in personal care.